thai visa


Thailand Visa

Citizens of Hong Kong


Visa is not needed by citizens of Hong Kong

They are permitted to stay up to 30 days under the “Visa Exemption Rule” if entering via international airport and through a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country. Confirmed travel itinerary and proof of funds must be on hand.


Currently, Siam Legal visa assistance services are not available for citizens and residents of Hong Kong. Below however is a helpful overview of Thailand visas that could be of great use to them


Note: For those Citizens of Hong Kong residing and staying in the UK, USA, Australia and EU countries, please contact our 24/7 customer support or email us for available visa options.


Check the current validity of your passport

You will need a passport valid for at least six months following your departure date. It is also recommended that such passport must have at least two unused pages remaining, for any necessary entry and exit stamps that may be issued.


  • Tourism purposes only
  • Allowed to stay up to 30 or 60 days
  • Extension allowed for another 30 days


EDUCATION (Non-immigrant “ED” Visa)

  • For study purposes
  • Allowed to stay up to 90 days for single entry and apply for an extension


BUSINESS (Non-immigrant “B” Visa)

  • Conduct Business or be employed by a Thai Company
  • Allowed to stay up to 90 days and apply for an extension of stay


MARRIAGE (Non-immigrant “O” Visa)

  • Married to Thai National
  • With income of THB 40,000 or bank account of THB 400,000, or Combination
  • Allowed to stay up to 90 days and apply for an extension of stay


RETIREMENT (Non-immigrant "O" or “OA” Visa)

  • Must be 50 years or older
  • Pension of 65,000 THB or 800,000 THB in Thai bank, or Combination
  • Allowed to stay up to 90 days and apply for an extension of stay


DEPENDENT/GUARDIAN (Non-immigrant “O” Visa)

  • Dependent or immediate family of foreigners holding non-immigrant visas
  • Guardian or immediate family of a Thai child or student foreign child
  • Allowed to stay up to 90 days and then apply for extension of stay in Thailand


***Citizens of Hong Kong and foreign citizens residing in Hong Kong must apply for a visa to Thailand in person at the nearest Royal Thai embassy or consulate in Hong Kong. Please note that application procedures and fees may vary depending on the location.


For information regarding the requirements for other types of non-immigrant visas and for other purposes not listed above, kindly contact the Royal Thai embassy or consulate.

Embassy Information:

Royal Thai Consulate-General
8th floor Fairmont House
8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central
Hong Kong